19 Feb Theater

19. Feb 21:00

Air de Temps

World premiere

Alesandra Seutin
Jant-B II

Air de temps is much more than just a dance performance. It embodies a contemporary manifesto that urges boldness, unfiltered expression, and taboo-free speech. It explores themes of revolution, change, and the expression of contemporary youth while defying conventions.

L’Ecole des Sables-Germaine Acogny presents this daring production that embodies the hope of Senegalese youth for an African renaissance. This piece highlights the fervent desire for change among contemporary youth, while drawing on the Germaine Acogny Technique to blend tradition and contemporaneity.

Air de Temps is a demonstrative and taboo-free expression, reflecting cultural identity and self-assertion while embracing others, within a cultural movement that draws strength from African values while remaining open to the universal.

Conception, Writing, and Direction: Alesandra Seutin

With: Amadou Diop, Birame Faye, Fatou Niang, Cheick Ibrahim Thiam,  Latif Arafan Wa-hab Diedhiou,  El Hadji Mbaye faue, Sergine Fallou Sene

Choreography: Alesandra Seutin

Choreography Assistant: Kezia Jonah

Artistic Collaborator: Wesley Ruzibiza

Composition and Music: Randolph Matthews et Tarang Cissokho

Lighting: Jean-Pierre Nepost

Dramatic Support: Dorcy Rugamba

Vocal Coaching: Agsila Breuil

Costumes: Seutin, Sidy Sow et Baye Modou

Head of Production: Hervé-Marie Breuil