16 Feb Theater

16. Feb 17:30


World premiere
Performance in French

By Dorcy Rugamba et Fargass Assandé

Rwanda-Côte d’Ivoire

One could say, in brief, that GAMBLERS is a play about the phenomenon of hostage-taking in the specific region of the Niger Delta, which brings in over 50 million Euros annually for Somali pirates. If we take into account the parallel trade of derivative products, we can speak of an industry in the global market that is rapidly industrializing in the Global South.

In a more generic sense, it is not the phenomenon of hostage-taking itself that interests us, but the market economy. GAMBLERS is a play about the global conversion of men to the market economy, now considered the primary virtue of good governance. Economic growth, measured through its unit – the GDP – has become the quintessential indicator of the standard of living, both for individuals and political entities.

“… We no longer know very well if we live happily or unhappily, as confusion reigns in our minds between prosperity and production, happiness and consumption, well-being and purchasing power… »

Text: Dorcy Rugamba

Direction: Fargass Assandé

With: Doris Christiane Dzoyem Meli, Marc Soriano, Ehile Christian Aimé Eboua, Diogene Ntarindwa et William Sham Weteshe

Direction Assistant: Jules César Niyonkuru

Scenography: Matt Deely

Ligthing: Giacinto Capiono

Musical Direction: Hervé Twahirwa

Costumes: Abdoul Mujyambere

Puppets & accessoires: Maximilien Muhawenimana

Sound reconding: Michael Makembe

Singers: Carmen Dushime, Amina Ghislaine, Ninette Barachi, Laly Benita Sangano