23 Feb Theater

5.000 FRW
23. Feb 19:30

Qu’avez vous fait de la maison ?

Africa premiere
Performance in French

By François Sauveur

« Qu’avez-vous fait de la maison” (What Have You Done with the House) is a raw musical expression that questions the inequalities and the destruction of « living beings, » consequences of the reign of the dogmatic neo-liberal ideology and the unlimited power granted to Financial Markets.


Between a concert, a gestural lecture, and a performative monologue, this play is an « open letter to the economic gurus who take us for fools. » It is an attempt to break free from a sense of powerlessness in the face of the one-sided discourse of the « established power, » as well as our bewilderment at the colossal profits made beyond any morality by a small minority, to the detriment of the collective’s well-being.


« Indeed, the Titanic is a metaphor for capitalism… » – Bernard Maris


Guiding Text: « Lettre ouverte aux gourous de l’économie qui nous prennent pour des imbéciles. » Bernard Maris

Montage of Text, Writing, and Interpretation: François Sauveur

Musical Composition and Live Music: François Sauveur et Pierre Constant

Sound Production: Pierre Constant

Video Extracts: François Sauveur

Production: This play was produced for the festival “Des mots, des notes,” organized by the Théâtre de la Vie in Brussels in June 2021.

Currently in auto-production.