22 Feb Cinema

22. Feb 20:00

Une Histoire du Franc

By Katy Léna Ndiaye

Fiction Drame

Duration: 102’

Synopsis: 1960 marks the beginning of the end of colonial empires in the African continent. France disappears from the map… in theory only. The CFA franc, a currency tied to the French Treasury since its inception, still circulates across almost all of its former territories south of the Sahara. Today linked to the euro, it not only provides privileged and easy access to African markets for France but also for its eurozone partners. On the diplomatic stage, the CFA system grants a central role to Paris, which is perceived and positioned as the « Guarantor » and « Intermediary » for the international community. Fourteen states still retain this peculiar legacy. What are the reasons behind it? At the end of history, there lies the fable.

Production: Néon Rouge