24 Feb Theater

24. Feb 18:30

Devil’s Gold Galamsey

World premiere
Rwanda Performance in French

by Jules César Niyonkuru

Devil’s Gold Galamsey is a cautionary tale about the dangers of unchecked ambition, religious fanaticism, and the relentless quest for money regardless of the consequences. With recent advancements in all domains/ standards of living, globalization has ushered in a new wave of bizarre challenges in which, faced with a system that always seems to demand more from its cogs, an act of altruism is more of an exception than an adherence to the rules of the human law of every man for himself.

Writing and Direction: Jules César Niyonkuru

With: Leon Athanase Mandali, Michael Sengazi and Weya Viatora

Musical director: Weya Viatora

Choreographer: Yves Iradukunda