21 Feb Cinema

21. Feb 20:00


By Hakym Reagan

Fiction Thriller-Romance

Duration: 1h21′

Synopsis: Dee, a visually impaired janitor, joins the « IN-SIGHT » therapy group, sharing stories with visually challenged members. He recounts his troubled past, marked by a juvenile mistake leading to blindness. Working at a hospital, Dee encounters Eveline, determined to regain sight for her deceased father’s promise. Their deepening bond faces challenges, leading to Dee’s firing. In a desperate move, Dee plans to donate his eyes to Eveline, but she discovers incriminating evidence. Despite love, Eveline breaks up. In therapy, Dee grapples with his choices, exploring themes of sacrifice, love, and human connection beyond sight.

Cast: Michael Sengazi , Amanda Akaliza,Assumpta Mico, Herve Kimenyi

Language: English

Subtitle: French