18 Feb Theater

18. Feb 11:00 & 15:00

L’opéra du Villageois

by Zora Snake


With L’Opéra du Villageois, Zora Snake continues her exploration of the traditions of her country—Cameroon—and the aesthetics of the « invisible world. »

Conceived of as a performative and political essay, this work is a ritual centered around gold and salt, resources pillaged by colonizers.

L’Opéra du Villageois pays homage to the inhabitants of villages long considered « uncivilized, » and to all those who remained silent due to a fear of death. It is a work that gives voice to the sacred, unravels the dark struggles of history, and awakens consciences. An act of poetic resistance to contemplate the future through the lens of repair.

Conception and direction, choreography, performance: Zora Snake

Live Music: xx

Audio: débats, textes et discussions politiques (Bénédicte Savoy, Felwine Sarr, Emmanuel Macron…)

Text: Aimé Césaire, Poème à l’Afrique

Voice: Carolyne Cannella

Instrumental Music: Bébé Wandja, Bamliléké

Production: Compagnie Zora Snake

Accompagnement: Danse Faso Théâtre (Paris)