20 Feb Theater

5.000 FRW
20. Feb 14:30

The weigth of a woman

Performance in english

By Lisette Ma Neza

The weight of a woman is a poem full of questions 30 years after the Genocide against tutsis in Rwanda Lisette Ma Neza reflects on violence and what it does to a person’s life and heart with words, songs, images and dance, she asks how much value a life still has after great or intimate violence. whose lives are worth saving? and whose lives seem not to be? how do we live on? how do we forgive each other and ourselves? as women and as human beings these are the questions of the heart– that she wants to ask her grandmothers the poem is an attempt to pass on the questions and the answers to her little sisters


Conception, Writing, and Direction: Lisette Ma Neza

With: Lisette Ma Neza and Reve Terborg