18 Feb Theater

18. Feb 18:00

Point zero

Performance in French

Claudia Munyengabe – Freddy Sabimbona


It is these stories that punctuate our daily lives. The ones that settle in over time. They eventually take their place in our lives. They come from here and there. They transform us, change us to the point of usurping our identity, our way of life, our behaviors. Over time, we can no longer recognize ourselves. It is these youth that look for meaning in their life.

Between questioning the everyday and the future and nostalgia for the good old days, Point Zéro is a play that speaks of time, the quest for identity, and the individual-time relationship.

Point Zéro is a creation inspired by the photographs of Sarah Waiswa and produced as part of “Staging Times,” a project by the Oumoudilly Foundation about representing time on stage and combining photography and theater.

Text: Claudia Munyengabe

Direction: Freddy Sabimbona

Claudia Munyengabe
Laly Niyonzima
Alain Kay Butoyi
Maxime Mbonayo

Lighting: Davy Joël Ishimwe

Production: Buja sans tabou