17 Feb Theater

17. Feb 11:00 & 15:00

Cans Men

Eddy Ekete Mombesa


The can costume is inspired by Vodou costumes from West Africa and fetish statuettes with nails from Central Africa.

« By donning the Can Costume, the artist’s body erases itself to become one figure among the many figures that make up the can men. »

The can, as a type of packaging, when emptied, is discarded as waste on the public road, ending up in the trash. Eddy Ekete rehabilitates it and gives this waste a new destiny. The appearance of the can men in public spaces provokes interaction, astonishment, wonder, and fear with passersby. For the performer of the Can Men, when navigating urban territory, the interaction with the passerby exists only at the moment it happens.

Perhaps the most striking aspect is the deafening silence in which the Can Men can suddenly freeze. A shapeless mass, vaguely humanoid, that just as suddenly, resumes thunderous gesticulations.

Conceptualized by Eddy Ekete

Assistant: Amigo Bolamba Bonaza

Various sites:

11:00 – Car free zone
15:00 – Car free zone Nyamirambo